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Convo with Myself & I by Aissata Ba

October 22, 2014

 Aissata Ba wearing Fily Jacket fron DJEEG'N AW2014 collection
Convo with myself and I:

I am confident- damn straight
I am an African Woman
I am culturally sophisticated _and I say so!
I am meant to deliver- always
I am capable of creating a human being
I am capable of feeding another human being merely with my body
I am therefore not gender equality crazy
I am a feminist- definitely
I am what I want to be when I grow up
I am fearless
I am who bleeds silently for other women
I am emotional, fragile yet strong and powerful
I am straightforward- very
I am super french at times
I am a diva- thanks to my mom
I am unstoppable and unbreakable- my brothers taught me well
I am capable of doing the possible and its opposite
I am self-sufficient
I am joyful
I am perfectly imperfect
I am underestimated and overestimated
I am humble- most of the time
I am a bad ass DJEEG'N

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